Handcrafted felt foods for little chefs with big imaginations

Throwing wild birthday parties for some favorite stuffed animals. Creating scrumptious living room picnics. Serving up croissants and macarons at their imaginary bakery, or just whipping up their very own dream recipes! Blueberry pickle tacos with a drizzle of ketchup, anyone?

Play kitchens are truly a timeless childhood staple, and these days they can offer so much more beyond generic plastic chicken! We love inspiring kids to unleash their creativity and expand their foodie mindsets with our engaging, diverse play foods. All of our toys are made by hand using high quality wool blend felt to ensure extra vibrant colors and durability. Always play with your food!

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Hello, my name is Gloria! I’m a recent Bay area transplant after nearly 2 decades in NYC and a strong believer that the secret to happiness involves cheese platters, year round iced coffees, and looking at cute dogs on Instagram.

When the world turned upside down in 2020, our family was living endless days on top of each in our small Brooklyn apartment, in absolute disbelief to be living through such a heartbreaking moment in history. To help pass the time at home, I started sewing things for our daughter’s play kitchen – everything from her favorite snacks to dishes we missed dearly from our favorite restaurants around the city. The hours we spent putting together picnics for hungry stuffed animals, running pretend restaurants, and creating goofy pancake faces made us laugh when the world outside felt so dark.

Now that her play kitchen shelves are overflowing with goodies, I’m hoping to spread some of the joy we’ve had to other families through Felt Foodies!